Our next members meeting is November 26th, 16:30 at the Christian Fellowship School.

Members meetings happen 6 times a year, keep an eye on your email for the next one. The agenda and documents related related to the meeting will be sent out to all members. Please send your apologies to office@christchurchliverpool.org 24 hours prior to the meeting if you are unable to attend this meeting.

What is church membership?

It is radically counter-cultural! In our society many people are reluctant to join organisations, and most think that freedom from commitments is a good thing. But we believe that for Christians membership in a local church is a vital part of a healthy spiritual life.

Membership is a voluntary covenant or promise to associate ourselves with a group of Christian believers. It involves a commitment to attend, pray, give and serve. More than this though membership is a statement that you want the other members of your church to help you in your Christian life, and that you want to give yourself to helping them.

Is church membership in the Bible?

The word membership, in the sense we use it, isn’t found in the New Testament. And throughout the New Testament period there was only one local church in each place.

However the church in each city knew definitely who was part of the church and who was not. They were able to keep a list of widows supported by the church (1Tim 5). The church at Corinth was asked by the apostle Paul to exclude someone because of their deliberate rebellion against Christian moral standards (1 Cor 5). The church is also asked to reinstate someone (2 Cor 2). This passage (2 Cor 2:6) also says that the man was punished by “the majority” – so clearly the church knew how many people were “members”.

Who can be a member?

At Christ Church we welcome into membership anybody who is willing to make the necessary commitment to be part of our church family and can enthusiastically commit to our statement of faith.

We also ask members to assent to our doctrinal distinctives. These are issues where we recognise that true evangelical Christians may hold different views and where we welcome into membership of the church those who hold a different view, provided that they are prepared to respect the beliefs and practices of the church. If you have real difficulty with any of our doctrinal distinctives it may be that there would be another local church where you would be happier and we would encourage you to talk about this with one of the elders.

What does membership involve?

There are really three aspects to church membership:

  1. A formal aspect. Christ Church is congregational; the members of the church are ultimately responsible for running the church. Members elect and re-elect the elders, approve the church budget and are ultimately responsible for exercising church discipline against other members. This means that by becoming a member you are signalling your willingness to submit to the discipline of the church leadership and its members.
  2. A strategic aspect. As leaders we try and give a significant part of each Members Meeting to discussing an issue of our church vision or practice (eg our pastoral care, evangelism, or Sunday meetings). The church’s vision is to be Christians in the city centre, bringing grace to all people and influencing every area of the city’s life for good. Our commitment is to doing this by proclaiming the message of the Bible in many and varied contexts. The role of the church members is for us to think together about how we can do this most effectively.
  3. A commitment aspect. Becoming a church member is an invitation to the other members of the church to encourage and challenge you in your Christian life. In order for that to happen it is important to be committed to:
    • Attending regularly on Sunday mornings and at prayer and praise
    • Being part of a LifeGroup or Student LifeGroup
    • Attending Members’ Meetings
    • Serving
    • Giving financially
    • Praying
    • Being involved in evangelism

Do I have to be baptised to be a church member?

We do not insist that you need to have been baptised as a believer in order to become a member of the church, though we would strongly encourage all members to seek baptism if you have not been baptised since you have become a Christian. If you have never been baptised (either as an infant or as a believer) it is a clear matter of obedience to the Lord to do this.

What if I am already a member of another church?

We would encourage you to write to your old church and resign your membership once you have decided to become a member at Christ Church. We think it is vital to have one church family that you are accountable to. If you are an undergraduate student we recognise that this is, in many ways, a unique time. If you are an undergraduate student or are only in Liverpool for one year or less we will normally suggest that you also retain membership of your home church if they are happy for you to do that.