Lindsay came from Scotland to Liverpool initially to work as a geologist at Liverpool University. She greatly respected the genuine care of people in church and kept in touch after moving to Australia to work for the minerals industry. After enjoying helping with Samaritans Purse and auditing a Bible college course in her spare time, she moved full time into study for a ministry degree. Thereafter she joined the staff at Perth Bible College.

Lindsay returned to the UK for family reasons in 2010 and has since spent time both in geology and ministry, as well as investing in family and relationships. Her interests include walking, swimming, good films, being outdoors, travel, kayaking and spending time with friends and family.


11 March 2018 (Big Issues)

Please join us for a chance to hear a short talk, ask questions and consider something new.

12 February 2017 (Evening Service)
Dr Lindsay Ferguson and Dr Jon Taylor join us for a discussion on Christianity and science. Recorded on 12/02/17.