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Christmas Choir

Would you like to join the Christmas Choir?

practice on Sat 16th for Sunday 17th Service

To make our Festive Guest Service on 17th December extra special, we’re going to have a choir accompanying the carols. If you like singing, this would be a great way to get involved this Christmas.

To join the choir, we’re asking that people learn their parts in advance by signing up and they’ll be given music to listen to and learn. 

We’ll then have just one rehearsal on the Saturday morning before the Sunday service – to get it as polished as we can!

Rehearsal: 9:30am at our Church Centre , 2 Blackburne Place

Then at our Sunday service on 17th, the choir will sit together and sing in parts during our carols.

We’re not expecting you to be of  expert standard to join – but it helps if you’ll feel able to learn a part and follow a tune!

Feel free to invite any friends who like singing to be part of it.