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Our Covid Safety Measures

Here's how we're running our services in light of the guidelines.

What precautions are being taken in our services?

Our meetings will remain very much the same from 26th July until 8th August. We will continue having 2 distanced services with coffee and singing together outside in between.


We will still request mask wearing, although we won't be able to require it.

Our staff teams and Sunday teams will be encouraged to wear face masks.

Sanitizing and cleaning

Hand sanitiser is there to use on the way in and we will keep carefully cleaning and sanitizing surfaces before and after the services.

Limited Singing

Inside singing will no longer be ruled out by law, but we'll ask people to sing quietly behind their masks.

´╗┐Then we'll go outside onto the field and sing socially distanced.


Kids work will continue as normal for now until the 15th August.

We'll be sending some info to parents as the guidelines get clearer.

From 15th August we may make some further changes back towards a more normal service - but, again we are awaiting both government guidance and permission from the school. 

Why have we decided to maintain these safety measures?

so people feel comfortable and able to come to church

We want as many people as possible to feel comfortable coming to church.

We are taking into account the government's guidelines and our own responsibility to ensure church is as safe as it can be so people feel comfortable coming along.

So church isn't a source of covid spread / needing to self isolate

While legal restrictions will be lifted from 19th July, isolation for close contacts is due to continue until 16th August. If we are all packed in doing our normal church thing and someone has Covid (and the plan seems to be that there will be a lot of Covid about) that would put lots of us into 10 day isolation (even if you are vaccinated.)

I know lots of people are worried about the consequences of having to isolate that for their work, family commitments and their holidays.

So far, with our current system we have never had anyone have to isolate (at least officially to our knowledge) because they were at church. Hopefully, therefore, by doing this for a few more weeks we enable everyone to keep coming along without worrying about having to isolate for 10 days afterwards!