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How do I join a Connect Group?

Connect groups are split into different geographical areas across the city of Liverpool, which before Zoom, made it easier to meet in people's homes each week.

To join a group, find your nearest and send the leader an email.

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North Connect

If you live in the Crosby region of Liverpool, then North Connect is where you'll want to be!

The group currently meet on Wednesday nights over Zoom and is led by Jack and Chris.

Email Jack

Email Chris

Jack, Connect leader
Chris Gregory, Link elder and Connect leader

East Connect | Angela and DavE

At the moment we have 2 East Connect groups.

Angela and Dave lead a group on a Tuesday evening at 8PM.

Email Angela

Email Dave

Angela, Connect leader
Dave, Link elder

east connect | CHRIS AND ANNA

Chris and Anna's group meet on a Wednesday evening at 7:30PM.

Email Chris

Email Anna

Anna, Connect leader
Chris, Link elder


South Connect have 2 groups.

The Sefton Park group is led by Joe and Hannah, and meets on Wednesdays at 7:30PM.

Email Hannah

Email Joe

Hannah, Connect leader
Joe, Link Elder


The Allerton group is led by Tom and Naomi, and they meet at 7.30pm on Wednesdays.

Contact Naomi

Contact Tom

Naomi, Connect Leader
Tom, Link elder

West Connect | NAT

Every Tuesday evening, West Connect on the Wirral, is led by Nat.

Email Nat

Nat with his family

Connect the Docks | Josh

If you live around the Docks/Waterfront or Toxteth (L8), then Connect the Docks might just be the group for you!

Meeting on alternate Tuesdays/Wednesdays, you can join them at 7:30PM. The group is led by Josh.

Email Josh

Josh, Link elder

City Centre Connect | MAURICE

We currently have 2 city centre connect groups. One group is led by Maurice on a Tuesday evening from 7:30PM.

Email Maurice

Maurice, Link elder


The other group meets on a Wednesday evening and is led by Jonathan and his wife, Emma.

Email Emma

Email Jonathan

Emma, Connect leader
Jonathan, Link elder