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What we believe about Jesus

Jesus is the most well-known person from all of history; he is worth giving time to understand.

Who is Jesus?

His claims and invitation to know Him are at the centre of all we do.

All He says is exquisite and challenging, and most importantly He invites you to life. He is inviting you to have life forever with Him and life to the full now.

We want this amazing invitation to be known in Liverpool and across the world. 

Jesus invites you to be forgiven, accepted, honoured and loved by God. You're invited into a loving, secure relationship with Him. You're invited to become part of the church. To enjoy a community, love and hope. All of this is possible because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus came to earth to show us God's great love for the world. He lived a life which displayed love unlike any human love.  He gave himself to die on a cross to pay for sin and then He resurrected three days later. He is alive today and He offers everyone forgiveness from sin and fullness of life. 

There's so much to say about Jesus!

Here's more detail from the Bible about Jesus:

Jesus Makes God Known

God came to earth in real history as the man Jesus. He lived, worked and spent time with real people in real history showing them, and us, what God is like.

(Look further: John 1:1-15)

Jesus is Loving

Jesus’ whole life was characterised by genuine love for everyone He met.

He wasn't too important for anyone.

Jesus looked after the sick, the marginalised and the outcasts of society. 

He welcomed everyone who came to Him regardless of age, race, gender or class.

(Look further: Luke 19:1-8; John 4:4-28)

Jesus demonstrated Power over nature, sickness and death

Jesus performed all sorts of miraculous signs to show He was not just a man, but was in fact God in human form. The Bible has documented Jesus demonstrating power over nature, sickness, and most of all, death.

. In Mark 4 we hear the story of Jesus calming a storm. Not the kind of thing a normal person can do, and very similar to the story of Jonah, where it is God who calms the storm. In Mark 2 a paralysed man has his sins forgiven by Jesus and is then healed. The Jews in the room with Jesus know he was claiming to be God by his actions.

Jesus performed miracles throughout His life, to show He wasn't just an extraordinary man, but He was God in human form.

(Look further: Mark 3:1-6, Mark 5:21-42, Mark 6:30-56)

Jesus came to rescue people

We have all lived in God’s world, but we have not loved and honoured Him perfectly. The Bible calls this sin, and says that every person is guilty of it. Because of our sinfulness, none of us deserve God’s love and care, instead we deserve God’s judgement for our rebellion against Him.No one can save themselves from this judgement, but God has provided a way to rescue us. Jesus came to rescue us. Jesus, the rescuer from sin and death was promised thousands of years before He came. Isaiah, a prophet, wrote thousands of years before Jesus came. 

‘We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.’

-(Isaiah 53:6)-

Jesus didn’t come just as an example to us of how we should live, although he is the only person to live a perfect life. He came to take the just punishment for our sin against God that we deserve, and take it upon Himself to pay it. That is why Jesus died on a cross. He didn’t deserve to die, He was completely innocent, He completely loved and honoured God. He didn’t die against His wishes, as if He couldn't do anything about it. He chose to die, as a sacrifice in the place of all people who wish to put their trust in Him.

(Look further: John 1:1-15)

Jesus IS Resurrected

Three days after Jesus' crucifixion, He rose back to life.

His resurrection shows that He has fully paid the price for all our sin and that He is more powerful than sin and death.

Because He is resurrected, we can trust Him with our own deaths, and have confidence that He will give us eternal life in resurrected bodies!

(Look further: John 11:25)

Jesus will come back to Judge

One day Jesus will come back, and He will judge all people for how they have lived. God’s standard is perfection, and not one of us can say that we have lived a perfect life. None of us have loved and honoured Him perfectly.

If we rely on our own abilities when Jesus judges, every one of us is guilty of sin, and so will face God’s judgement, where we will be cast away from every good thing in the world. But if we put our trust in Jesus, He has completely paid the penalty for our sin, and so we will not be condemned, but welcomed as a blameless and honoured child of His.

(Look further: Romans 2:1-16)

he will recreate the world, restoring humanity and nature

When Jesus judges He will re-create the world into a perfect place where He will rule as King forever.

If we have put our trust in Jesus to rescue us, we can live in this perfect world with Jesus forever.

(Look further: Romans 2:1-16)