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Lebanon Trip 2023

Lebanon Partnership

Through medicine, gospel proclamation, prayer and football, we aim to care for and show the love of God to the Lebanese people and refugees. You can help assist in building the church of Jesus Christ in the Muslim world, for the discipleship of believers in Liverpool and for growth in the Kingdom of God.

If you can’t join us, we’d love you to be part of the team through various means of support.

Support can be, prayer support, help with organising and packing donations, or donations, for the team to take, such as medications or medical equipment, football gear, Gifts/ Clothes/ Toiletries


When? 9 September to 16 September (or until 20th if you want to stay longer) 2023

Where? South Lebanon primarily, Tyre Church (Emmanuel Baptist Church).

Preparation? We shall have team meetings for planning and training prior to the trip. subgroups for focus' on Medicine, Football and Gospel sharing (each person has a main focus and can help as needed in others). Any questions see below.

Accommodation? Provided

Costs: Approx £800 for 7 days. Includes flights, food (3 meals per day), accommodation, & transportation).

Don’t let the cost put you off! Support can be applied for from the CCL Mission Fund).

Contact : Angela Wilkinson

If you have any more questions, please get in touch