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Tyre Church Relief Appeal

Middle East Crisis- Tyre Church Relief Appeal

Over the last few years we have been building a meaningful partnership with Tyre church, south Lebanon. 

Fighting is intensifying around the Israel Lebanon border & encroaching deeper into South Lebanon. Missiles are being sent from Lebanese villages to Israel - and sent back from Israel to these villages. 

Many people from vulnerable villages that Tyre Church minister to are leaving their villages and are in great need. Some are moving to Tyre Church for help (Tyre itself is vulnerable). 

Tyre Church really needs more money to provide food and other basic necessities to provide for people in need.   

We’d love to support them and their ministry at this time.

Please consider donating any amount via the link. 

The link will take you to Horizons Mission, our partner church’s parent organisation who will forward the funds. 

When using the above link

1 . Make sure that the first box 'give to' has Tyre ministry centre- Where Most Needed selected.

2. Select amount

3. Under Designation- Write for displaced families

4. Fill out the rest of your details