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Lebanon Supplies Appeal

We want to resource our Lebanon team with supplies

We're no longer accepting donations in person

The team will be supporting the church in demonstrating God's love for people there through:

  • Medicine.  Doctors from Christ Church Liverpool will do medical clinics alongside a local doctor.
  • Pharmacy. Supplies in Lebanon are extremely low. We want to take medicines like paracetemol, and prescription medicines to help.
  • Sharing and gospel and giving gifts. We want to share the hope of the Gospel, that Jesus is the greatest gift. And we want to show generosity by giving needed general supplies - esp toiletries. 

Our plan is to take some (3-6) large suitcases full of medicines, toiletries and other gifts, to be distributed during our time there.

You could sponsor a suitcase (£80 each) to help with the cost of transport. 

You can still donate online towards medicine and transport costs

We'd like to take £1000 worth of prescription medicines, they will be bought by one of the doctors.

Would you like to donate towards buying prescription medicines?

If you would like to contribute, click on the link below.

Be sure to specify the 'Lebanon' campaign.

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch!