Why do we have Thursday Training?

 The gospel is the message of hope! We want to understand it better, so we can be more joyfully captivated by Jesus. We want to appreciate the riches of God's love for us in Jesus Christ, so that we become more prayerfully dependent on our Heavenly Father.

We want to consider how the gospel has changed the world in the past and how its changing the world now, bringing life and hope. We want to be distinctively generous because of the forgiveness and rescue gifted to us, and be better at loving others through learning how to be more culturally engaged and hospitable. We also want to be better at sharing the good news of the gospel. 

We are therefore having Thursday evening training, where there will be biblical and theological short courses and where we will look at applying the good news to our lives in various ways, with the help of in-house and guest speakers. 

So why not join us? Let's learn together, discover together and grow more joyfully captivated by the hope-giving gospel, so that our faith in God and love for others might grow as a result. 

The Thursday night Training is aimed at Christ Church Liverpool attendees, but if you're not from Christ Church and are interested, please do get in touch about attending -

See you there!



Deep Joy

11th, 18th, 25th June 2020

Zoom call- sign up for the link

We want you to rediscover the deep joy and profound delight which is found in Jesus. It aims to breathe life into tired devotional lives, busy home schedules and stressful work cycles, by giving you a new (actually, old) glimpse of the glories of the gospel of Jesus.

The aim of the course is to refresh devotional lives through seeing discipleship in a captivating and joy-inspiring way.

The course is for all! New Christian or of many years! It is both theological and practical 


Week 1: Holy Affections. 

Week 2: Daily repentance. 

Week 3: Perseverance

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