Every year thousands of people move to the city in September.


[This video was filmed prior to COVID19]


With the impact of COVID19, moving somewhere new and finding a community must be pretty intimidating. But while we aren't doing our normal programme - we'd love to welcome you to our amazing city and give you any help you need. You'll love it here!


1. Find somewhere to live.

To feel settled anywhere, you need a home. We have an accommodation forum on Facebook, where you can share your needs and others can share what they have available for rent. Some great options up there at the moment! Click here to join the conversation

2. Find a community.

Community is invaluable and we want you to enjoy it here in our super friendly city. Whilst Sunday gatherings are limited at the moment, we are making the most of our midweek community groups that we call Connect

They are based all around the city and usually meet weekly to look at the Bible, pray for each other and reach out to their neighbourhoods. It is the place we're encouraging people to engage at the moment. You can even start before you get here, as lots are currently happening online.

We want to connect you to the group leader who can help you settle in Liverpool and introduce you a great bunch of people. Send an email to office@christchurchliverpool.org to get plugged in. 

3. Grow in your faith

Join us on YouTube as we live stream our service every Sunday morning at 10.45 am, get a sense of what we're about. The congregation will be active on live chat and then we have a 'virtual coffee' time afterwards, where you can meet us over Zoom.

As restrictions ease, we'll have some Sunday gatherings too; we're just working it out. Fill in our contact form and we'll add you to our fortnightly email called 'You are Invited' to keep up to date with what's going on.

4. Ask Big Questions

We LOVE questions. As a church, having deep conversations about the grittiest parts of our faith and finding satisfying and robust answers, well that's one of our greatest passions. If you're unsure about what you believe or would like to clear up some big issues, join us for Life Explored online


Lastly, if there's anything we can do to help make this transition easier, or if you have any spiritual questions that you'd like to chat about one to one, then we'd love to hear from you. The easiest way is to email office@christchurchliverpool.org or phone us on 0151 703 1872


Hope to meet you soon!