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Plugged In

Find out more about our beliefs, vision, values and practice.

What's Plugged In?

If you've been involved here for a little while, and begun to make it 'your' church, then Plugged In is for you.

Plugged In is a series of 6 short videos and an event to help you understand the beliefs and convictions which shape our church values, culture and practice.

Once you sign up for Plugged In you'll receive a confirmation email containing links to six short videos (plus an introduction video) that you must watch before the event. The videos are all between 13 and 18 minutes long.

Becoming a Member

Plugged In is a good foundation for becoming a member.

For many people, becoming a member makes a commitment to a relationship that is already there - serving, loving, praying with and for others at Christ Church Liverpool. But it also gives us as a church clarity on who we are responsible for exercising pastoral care for, and also opens up accountability as you get to input into plans, ministries and the finances of how our church is run. Once you have done Plugged In, if you are already settled with us, and don't intend to leave for another church any time soon, we think it is the natural next step to become a member.

We hope that Plugged In will help you feel convinced that committing to our church by becoming a member would be a great next step for you, and if not, we'd love to have a conversation if there's something you still need to think through.

We run Plugged In 6-8 times a year, so if you can't make it this time, then let me know and I'll invite you to the next one!

On a number of occasions we've also replaced it with a personal visit / conversation at an agreed time if that is a better option for you.

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