Tom grew up going to church, and would have called himself a Christian all his life,  but thinks he only really started to understand and appreciate God’s grace in his late teens to early 20’s.  He is still amazed that the eternally loving God welcomes us into fellowship with him.
He is married to Naomi and dad to Nathanael and Esther, and works as a GP on Wirral.
He has been an elder at Christ Church Liverpool since 2007, leads the South Connect Group, and has loved seeing God work in and our members.


Psalm 77
30 December 2018 (Sunday Service)

Join us as Tom Askew helps us look at Psalm 77.

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An End to Injustice
21 January 2018 (Sunday Service)

Join us as we continue our series in Habakkuk looking at Habakkuk 2:4-20.

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Still Small Voice - 1 Kings 19:1-18
28 August 2016 (Sunday Service)
Tom Askew concludes our summer series on Elijah. Recorded on 28/08/16.
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Here Comes the Groom - Matthew 25:1-13
7 December 2014 (Sunday Service)
Tom Askew begins our Advent series. Recorded on 07/12/14.
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Anxiety and Depression
29 June 2014 (Sunday Service)
Tom Askew speaks on Matthew 6:25-34 and Psalm 42 in the second part of our Tough Stuff series. Recorded on 29/06/14.
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25 August 2013 ()
Tom Askew looks at Psalm 106 as part of our Hits of the Noughties summer series. Recorded on 25/08/13
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Gotta Get Thru This
21 July 2013 ()
Tom Askew begins our hits of the Noughties summer series with Psalm 102. Recorded on 21/07/13
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I believe in the Holy Spirit
12 May 2013 ()
Tom Askew continues our series on the Nicene Creed by looking at the Holy Spirit from John 16:7 - 15. Recorded on 12/05/13
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Psalm 94 Charmless Man
2 September 2012 ()
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Independence Day
29 November 2009 (Sunday Service)
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