Christmas Shoeboxes

We'd like to make 100 gift boxes for a hotel near 2 Blackburne Place

We're collecting boxes on Sunday 27th Nov and 4th and 11th

We’re planning to serve 100 men who are refugees and & asylum seekers in a hotel near 2 Blackburne Place through giving them a gift box this Christmas.

Those in hotels are living in very difficult circumstances, we hope these boxes will be a real blessing to them and a small way of inviting them to connect with our church community too.

How to Give

If you’d like to make a shoebox of gifts, we’ll be collecting them at church on Sunday 27th and December 4th and delivering them between 5-9th.

PLEASE drop off the boxes ready to give but unsealed (ie openable and complete according to the list above).

Gift Item List

Please include something from each of these groups in a wrapped shoebox: Toiletries. Roll on deodorant & moisturiser. (have been requested ) Also, eg Shampoo, facecloth, soap,

toothbrush & paste, comb.

Clothing eg hat, scarf, gloves, cap

Stationery eg Notebook/ pens

Eating. Eg Must be Halal friendly sweets (so eg not Haribo). 

Handwritten Card/ note. NB NO personal details.


  • Anything war, fighting related or depicting any violence - eg knives, toy guns, notebooks with skulls/ explosions/ violent movie themes.
  • Second hand items.
  • Whilst kind, please do not just give us a box of shampoos or other fillers.

We're collecting Men's and Women's boxes for Hope Cafe

We're collecting Men and Women's boxes for Hope Cafe!