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Uncover Luke

Why is a humble carpenter the most famous person who ever lived?

Your chance to look into what Jesus did and said, and freely share your thoughts and questions.

We’re running ‘Uncover Luke’ , which gives you the chance to look at the life of Jesus and to freely share your thoughts and questions about his message.

'Uncover Luke' is seven sessions over the summer, working through the life of Jesus as recorded in the book of Luke in the Bible. 

You’re welcome to come as and when you can, each session is freestanding.

Is this for me?

Whether you’re starting to ask questions about Jesus and Christian beliefs, or have been familiar with them for some time, anyone who's interested is very welcome!

A friendly group of people will be running the sessions, and would love to have a good mix of people with lots of thoughts and questions being shared, the more diverse the better!