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Using your Voice for God's purposes

Imagine how God could use your voice in your everyday! We want to inspire and resource you

Imagine how God could use your voice in your everyday! That's what this event is all about- To resource and inspire you to use what God has given you, in the place God has you in right now!

We'd love for you to come and be resourced and encouraged in using your voice for God's purposes.

We’ll look together at how we can do this in our everyday relationships or in a particular area of interest, cause, or community.

Lindsay will lead us in looking at how the Bible is full of this vision for women using their voices and gifts for God’s purposes, and she’ll share some stories of women doing this with far-reaching outcomes.

Two women from our church will be sharing their current experiences with us. And they’ll be a chance to chat and share yours.

There will be breakout groups to reflect together on how we use our voices, either in our everyday relationships, or on a larger scale, such as for a cause, in a workplace, or community.

You’ll choose which breakout is most relevant to you at the moment.

We’d really love for you to come and enjoy this time to be together with other women and reflect on this together.

We're hoping and planning to be at 2 Blackburne place with celebratory coffee and cake, for the first time we can meet together like this! If not, we'll go with Zoom of course! We'll keep you updated, and hope to see you there!