Evening Services

More worship, deeper prayer, dwelling in His Word and being with each other!

Evening services are more relaxed and relational

6.15 pm at 2 Blackburne Place, L8 7PE

Our church survey showed people are looking for a simple and relaxed feeling church meeting. Sunday mornings are big and busy and have to be organised - with the volume of people especially, and lots of people are also serving on teams.

Sunday evenings are a more organic church service, stripped back - with longer times of worship and time for prayer and prophecy. It's a time for really dwelling in God’s word and connecting with people.

There's a lot more chance for chatting with others.

It's a great place to get to know people you don't get a chance to chat to on Sunday mornings.

This is ideal if you find Sunday mornings overwhelming, would like more freedom in worship, or want to make deeper connections with people.