We have moved to a new address! 12-14 Gildart Street, L3 8ET

Our Vision

A Church for the city, loving the whole world

Our dream is to be a church for anyone in Liverpool and the region to come and experience the Bible opened up in a way that applies to their life, where people experience a community that reflects God’s own love in himself, where people from different cultures teach each other what it means to follow Jesus, and where the Gospel and the big ideas in our culture are in constant conversation.

These things are happening already, but imagine seeing them happen more and more.

It's our vision to be a church which is growing in these areas:

Teaching which illuminates, trains and sends

Discipling each other through diverse community

A life giving community wherever you are

A voice to the city which serves the city

Will you be part of it with us?

Read our stories and find ways you can be part of it in our Vision Booklet