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Everything you need relating to being a member at CCL

Welcome to the Members' Page!

Our next meeting is on the 23rd January at 7:30 pm on Zoom

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Key documents from past meetings

Church Covenant

All new members are asked to sign a Membership Covenant, as a formal way of saying they’ll relate to our church in the way we believe Christians should: meeting, praying, serving, submitting. God’s mission to the world, and to Liverpool, is through His church. When Christians meet, pray, serve and submit to each other at Christ Church Liverpool, we've seen God working out his mission in amazing ways!

We’ve never used this as a set of rules to beat people with or make members feel guilty about, but it’s a helpful reminder of what we’ve promised to one another.

It’s also profoundly encouraging when we stop and take stock of all the wonderful ways our church and our city have been blessed when members live out these promises as we go onwards in our journey of discipleship.

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