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Second Language English Speakers

Are you working or studying in Liverpool?

Is English your second language? Have you come from another country to Liverpool?

We love getting you involved in church life

We have people from all over the world as members and serving on teams at Christ Church Liverpool.

On a typical Sunday you'll find all kinds of people from various countries in the band, on the welcome team, setting up our venue, serving coffee, and being vital members of our church family.

If you are new to Liverpool or if English is not your first language we'd love to welcome you to our city and open up ways to become part of our church.

In our Sunday services we have a few ways to make it accessible to people from other nationalities (and we are open to suggestions if you have any!).

  • Live text translation of the service via a QR code (using https://translate.it)
  • Written copy of the sermon available in English (download only) at www.christchurchliverpool.org/transcript (available on the day so you can follow along at the time)
  • Printed copy of the sermon in Farsi, and occasionally other languages if there is high demand
  • Bibles available in Farsi and Chinese, as well as English

We really hope that your time in Liverpool is a time when you can connect with Jesus through our church.

If you'd like to contact us to ask a question or to get involved, use the form below.

Josh will get in touch to help you get involved


We'd love to hear from you and get you involved