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Prayer Points for Lebanon

Here's what we've been praying for and how you can join in supporting through prayer

  • We have long wanted & prayed for a Pharmacist to join our team. Earlier this year Funmi joined CCL and is already on board to help! Praise God we have a pharmacist keen to join us in Lebanon & already helping!

  • Pray the farm will continue to be a rich blessing to people in the church for food & that the church will be able to keep showing Jesus' love as they give to others in need & sell the produce at low cost.

  • Pray for the new hospital building! For wisdom & direction as the church seek to employ people & have international medical teams to help local people & refugees of the Syrian crisis in that region.

  • Pray for wisdom & strength for all at Tyre church. Pastor Mohammad & all the others as they seek to love people & tell them of the hope they can have in Jesus.

  • Pray for our Lebanon team as we continue to build our relationships despite travel restrictions. That God would lead & guide us in this.

  • Pray for others in Christ Church to be excited by opportunities & want to get involved & help.