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Men's Ministry

Explore the ministry opportunities for men at Christ Church Liverpool.

Our Vision for community

It's good to talk, but in our culture men often struggle to talk about the things that really matter: fears, desires, sins, and suffering. We’re more likely to hide our real feelings behind banter.

The Bible envisages a vocal community equipped to serve one another – to build one another up in our faith by knowing each other, caring deeply for each other, and by praying and speaking gospel truth into the messiness of each other’s lives. We have much to say to encourage, challenge, and grow one another in maturity in our faith.

How to get Involved

The men’s ministry aims to challenge the island mentality and urges us instead to live more like the vocal, caring and connected community that Paul describes in Ephesians 4.

There are many opportunities to develop this kind of fellowship:

Social events

To get to know other men in the church, invite outsiders and start to foster meaningful fellowship.

One-to-one bible studies and prayer triplets

Committing to meet regularly with other men to pray for and with them. To study the bible together and urge one another to apply its teaching to the specific joys and struggles of our lives.

One-off teaching events

To consider opportunities and struggles that are common to men and encourage one another to approach these with an attitude of repentance and faith.


Two courses to stretch and grow men in faith, deepen devotion to God and equip us for a variety of ministries. 

The first encourages men to know themselves better, consider the situation and their response to it, the consequences of their actions and the things they fear and value that drive that response. We consider how the good news of Jesus changes our priorities, and therefore our response to the joys and difficulties of life.

The second course helps us to start living these principles in community; to love others better, know them well, speak the truths of scripture into their lives and encourage them to respond to life’s challenges with faith that glorifies God and serves others.

To find out more about the men's ministry or if you have any questions, please email Tom.