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Men's Ministry

Be part of a connected and discipling community of men

In our culture, men often struggle to talk to each  another about the things that really matter: our fears, desires, sins, and our suffering.  We’re more likely to keep our real thoughts and feelings hidden and to live independently, embracing island mentality.

 The Bible envisages a connected  community who disciple each other –  who build one another up in faith through knowing each other, caring deeply for each other, and by praying and speaking gospel truth into each other’s lives.

 There’s much to say to encourage, challenge, and grow one another in maturity in our faith. 

The men’s ministry aims to disrupt the island mentality and enable us to be more like the connected, discipling community that Paul describes in Ephesians 4.

There are many ways to be part of this community.

Next Event: Men's Brunch | Saturday 18th Nov


Come along to the Men's brunch to get to know others and to spend some time unpacking what it looks like for us to “grow up into our salvation,” .

We'll think about the things that hold us back from doing it, and how we can help one another to aspire to this, to “crave pure spiritual milk. " 

It'll be great to spend time together doing this.

please sign up by the 16th ( for catering)

Join the Men's Fellowship WhatsApp Group

The men’s fellowship WhatsApp group is for men to share things they are doing and invite one another to join them. 

These could be very low key invites to do things together, or anything else you can think of!

We hope it'll stop us missing out on good ways to be connected and being more part of each other's lives.

Just drop Tom a quick email using the link below asking to be added.