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Men's Ministry

Be part of a connected and discipling community

In our culture, men often struggle to talk to each  another about the things that really matter: our fears, desires, sins, and our suffering.  We’re more likely to keep our real thoughts and feelings hidden and to live independently, embracing island mentality.

 The Bible envisages a connected  community who disciple each other –  who build one another up in faith through knowing each other, caring deeply for each other, and by praying and speaking gospel truth into each other’s lives.

 There’s much to say to encourage, challenge, and grow one another in maturity in our faith. 

The men’s ministry aims to disrupt the island mentality and enable us to be more like the connected, discipling community that Paul describes in Ephesians 4.

There are many ways to be part of this community.

Come along to Men's Ministry Events

9th July | Men’s BBQ

Come and join us for a BBQ to enjoy some good food and fellowship.

24th September | Curry Night to discuss vision for men's ministry

Join with the other men in the church for a curry night at the church centre to consider how we can minister to other men in the church and plan some social and teaching events for the year ahead. 

22nd October | Men’s Walk

Join with other men for a walk in the countryside to spend some time getting to know one another. 

26th November | Sports Quiz (with testimony)

Following England and Wales’ first matches, invite your friends to form a team and enter the world cup spirit at a sports quiz with a short testimony. 

Training, Teaching and Discipleship Opportunities

We would love to run one off teaching or training events to consider a particular topic together.

In the past we have run courses to study a book together to stretch and grow men in faith, deepen devotion to God and equip us for a variety of ministries.

If you would be interested in joining a course like this in the future, 

please fill in a contact form below.

Register your interest and share your ideas

Let's shape men's ministry together

Opportunities in Church Life

Getting involved in these areas of church life are great ways spend time together and to minster to one another in the church.